Weekly Picks

The Rules

This is a $5 buy-in with four pay-0uts at the end of the regular season (there will be no weekly payouts)

  • Last place = $5 (your money back)
  • 3rd place = $5 (your money back)
  • 2nd place = 25% of remaining money
  • 1st place = 75% of remaining money (rounded up to nearest $5 increment)

You can find the weekly pick sheet on this site by Tuesdays evening of each week.  You can either fill out the form, scan it/take a picture of it and email it to scott@triviatour.com Picks must be in prior to the first game of the week.  Please keep in mind there may be a Thursday night game.  If your picks are not in prior to a Thursday game, you will automatically get the Thursday pick wrong. The tie-breaker for the week will be the Monday Night Football TOTAL SCORE. If there is a tie the end of the season, we will go with overall pick percentage for the year as the first tie-breaker.  If there is still a tie, we will take the leaderboard place for the final regular season week as the second tie-breaker. You can send your picks or questions to scott@triviatour.com. Good luck and GAME ON!

Pick Sheet: Week 1

All pick sheets must be sent to scott@triviatour.com prior to the first game of the week!

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Weekly Picks Standings

Will be updated after Week 1

Survivor Rules

Here are the rules for our NFL Survivor pool:

  • There is NO COST for this survivor league. It purely for bragging rights!
  • You will choose one NFL team each week. You may not pick a team more than once during an entire season.
  • Picks are made “straight up”, not using a point spread system.
  • If your pick is correct, you survive until the next week.
  • An incorrect pick or forgetting to make a pick will count as a miss for you. If you experience two misses during the regular season from the pool you will be eliminated from the survivor pool for the remainder of the season.
  • The goal is to be the the last member standing at the end of the season.

Survivor Pool Standings

Will be updated after Week 1